The Value of Integrity

Defective Drug Law Firm Strives for Knowledge, Passion and Efficiency When Handling Nationwide Claims

Our Toledo defective drug law firm is based upon the value of integrity and our ability to set and attain worthwhile personal and professional aspirations while best serving our clients.

Integrity requires a soundness of moral principle that no power of influence can impair. It connotes wholeness, completeness and rectitude. Integrity means treating everyone with equality and fairness under the law. We all are equally subject to the law. Our firm uses the framework of the law to prevent and resolve the disputes of our nationwide clients in the best way we know how—with integrity.

How Our Defective Drug Law Firm Defines Integrity

The law firm of Zoll & Kranz, LLC believes that integrity requires:

  • Our mass torts and class action litigation attorneys to represent their clients with passion, logic and ethics
  • Each employee and attorney to realize the worthwhile attainment of his or her full potential, based upon a system or predetermined values
  • The law firm to maintain efficient and effective systems, facilities and personnel in order to deliver the highest quality of legal services
  • Our lawyers to believe in the client and handle each case with diligence
  • Every case to be prepared with full knowledge of the law, both as it is and as it should be

Why Our Firm May Be Right for You

As our mission statement explains, we believe that one of the greatest human needs is to be appreciated and understood. To accomplish that one must first listen, then take action based on what you have heard. Our firm continues to provide this basic necessity to our clients as well as apply this mission statement to the way we practice law.

The practice of law is consistent with the value of integrity, and we understand that the power to make and accomplish goals generates its own generous rewards. Those rewards include the development of a reputation for fairness and hard work, the referral of interesting and remunerative cases by other professionals and former clients in addition to the establishment of credibility that is essential for success before tribunals.

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To learn more about the level of dedication we offer all our clients, please contact a drug recall attorney at our firm online or by calling (888) 841-9623. We focus most of our practice on bad drug lawsuits and multidistrict litigation, but we can help anyone suffering from a number of injustices. This includes our work on behalf of personal injury victims and companies requiring complex commercial litigation.