Guiding Principles for Our MDL and Class Action Lawyers

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After practicing law in a large law firm for eleven years David W. Zoll started a solo practice in 1988 on Sylvania Township’s West Central Avenue. This practice grew into the present law firm of Zoll & Kranz, LLC. From the beginning, David strove to define himself and his personal injury law firm by certain core values. These values include:

  • Integrity
  • Intelligence
  • Passion
  • Sincerity
  • Ambition

Importance of Values to Our Drug Injury Firm in Ohio Handling Nationwide Lawsuits


Integrity is a firmness of your individual moral character, meaning that it cannot be influenced or impaired. Acting with integrity guarantees that all individuals are equal before the law, and that we all are also subject to its framework. The MDL and class action lawyers at Zoll & Kranz believes that integrity can and must be used when preventing and resolving the disputes of clients, because it promotes fair and unbiased judgment.

Integrity requires that our litigation and class action lawyers commit to represent his or her clients with passion, logic and ethics. Our drug injury law firm must also maintain efficient structures, accessibility and employees to effectively deliver the very best legal services. Holding the value of integrity so closely to the core of our law practice ensures that every client is afforded an exceptional experience during a time when it is needed most.


Our product liability firm takes a team approach when resolving defective medical device and other drug lawsuits. We find that a team approach affords our clients a type of legal representation that is not offered by most other law firms. To utilize each other’s strengths is one example of how our firm acts in accordance with another core value, intelligence. Additionally, our medical injury firm practices other techniques that showcase the importance of intelligence. This includes:

  • Constantly studying mass tort, commercial litigation and product liability law
  • Utilizing high-tech tools to maintain an awareness of upcoming trends and developments
  • Seeking opportunities to teach what we know about the law to clients, law students and other class action lawyers
  • Associating with people, organizations and situations in which learning and growth are required, and encourage those around us to learn and grow as well
  • Being prepared to handle any legal situation our clients may find themselves
  • Taking advantage of every resource that can improve the quality of how we practice law


It is not hard to practice sincerity. However, individuals can often lose sight of its importance in everyday life. In the practice of law, being sincere can mean the difference between having a good result and having a great result. Our firm believes that all of our clients deserve an honest and sincere handling of their personal injury claim.

We only take cases in which the cause is just and the client is willing to be completely honest. With this confidential and very personal information, our firm promises to adhere to the highest standards of moral and ethical behavior and in return be completely honest with our clients.

Our firm approaches every client with a servant’s heart. In other words, our MDL and class action attorneys are committed to helping clients as well as assisting individuals in need of legal representation to the best of our abilities.


When a job is something you love to do, it no longer is just a job—it becomes your passion. We are passionate about the justice system and approach the practice of law with this passion in mind. This includes:

  • Bringing enthusiasm for law wherever we go
  • Loving the law and the practice of the law
  • Working with people on a team who also share a love for the law


Ambition is the drive our firm has to set and attain worthwhile personal and professional goals.  We believe that each attorney and legal professional has both the ability and motivation to attain his or her full potential of practicing law. We are nationally renowned for our work with dangerous drugs, defective medical devices and consumer products. Our firm reached this level of awareness through our hard work in conducting investigations into claims of drug recalls and other causes of personal injury or wrongful death.

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