Has Acthar Caused You Renal Failure or Abdominal Issues? Adverse Event Reports Become Public

Has Acthar Caused You Renal Failure or Abdominal Issues? Adverse Event Reports Become Public

Have you experienced side effects like renal failure, increases in blood sugar and abdominal issues while taking the drug Acthar?

You are not alone—according to multiple media reports, adverse events linked to the immune-system drug are high. Earlier this month, the New York Times said that a regulatory filing revealed that the total number of events reported in 2013 by patients was linked to almost 14 percent of prescriptions, up from 9.1 percent in 2011.

Additionally, the paper said that an investigation showed that 20 deaths and six disabilities have been linked to Acthar since 2012. This is in stark contrast from the 13 deaths involving Acthar that were submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from 2000 through 2011.

Questcor Pharmaceuticals manufactures Acthar, and following a securities lawsuit over adverse event reports and shareholder interests, has been forced to disclose risk factors and complications. When the Times attempted to interview an FDA spokesperson about the product, she said that because the issue was a matter of open compliance, the agency could not speculate on future actions over the drug.

The FDA announced last month that it was “reviewing accusations by an independent research firm that the Acthar label did not accurately reflect the drug’s ingredients.”

Acthar has been marketed for the treatment of serious illnesses, including lupus, nephrotic syndrome and multiple sclerosis.

How Do I File an Acthar Lawsuit?

The attorneys at Zoll & Kranz, LLC (“ZK”) are currently looking into Acthar claims and are seeking people who have been injured by this drug or have lost loved ones to potentially proceed with litigation.

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