Can My Implanon Be Removed?

Is the Implanon birth control implant lost in your body?

There have been reports that the Implanon implant cannot be found when patients try to have the implant removed.  Implanon is a form of birth control that is put into the arm.

In some situations the birth control implant, Implanon, may be lodged too far into the arm and the removal may become difficult or completely lost in the body.  The birth control implant is supposed to be removed or replaced every three years (this procedure is performed by your doctor).  If lost or unable to remove conceiving a child may become difficult until the hormone has fully left the body.

Is Implanon still being used? 

According to WebMD, Implanon is gradually being replaced by the very similar contraceptive implant, Nexplanon.  Both implants are a small plastic rod the size of a matchstick that releases the hormone etonogestrel (a form of progesterone).  The biggest difference between the two contraceptive implants is that Nexplanon has barium in the rod so the location can be found via X-ray.

WebMD mentioned that the maker of Implanon and Nexplanon stopped distributing Implanon in December of 2012 to phase it out.

ZK Investigates

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