Dangerous Dietary Supplements Still Found on Store Shelves

Have you been injured by a dietary supplement? There have been reports of hidden ingredients in these products and side effects including kidney failure, stroke and heart attacks among people taking some supplemen

Frighteningly, the New York Times reported recently that a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that more than two dozen supplements that were recalled after they were found to contain anabolic steroids or prescription drugs were found back on the market for purchase with the same ingredients.

These products are still available to the public even after US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalls have taken place. Some of these supplements were found to contain steroids and prescription drugs like Viagra and Prozac.

Many of the supplements are marketed as weight-loss products and/or sexual enhancement pills. Several of the weight-loss pills reportedly contained Sibutramine, an amphetamine-like drug, which has been linked to an increased risk of heart attacks.

Unlike prescription drugs, which have to go through trials, dietary supplements can be sold until they are proven dangerous, and are usually only pulled from the marketplace if there are reports of serious injuries.

Additionally, according to the Times, last year a study found that the number of liver injuries among bodybuilders was on the rise because of weight-loss supplements.

Can I File a Dietary Supplement Lawsuit?

Our attorneys represent victims who have been harmed by dangerous drugs, regardless of whether they are prescribed or sold over-the-counter.

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