Genzyme Agrees to a $22.3 million settlement

After a whistle-blower lawsuit was filed in Florida involving Genzyme Corporation and their product, Seprafilm, Genzyme agreed to a $22.3 million settlement.

Seprafilm was approved in 1996 to prevent organs and muscle tissue from adhering during surgery.  Sales representatives taught doctors other ways to use Seprafilm that was not approved such as mixing it into a liquid and injecting it into the body.  In result, doctors were practicing the unapproved procedure and filing improper reimbursement claims.

According to the Tampa Bay Times and BioFlash, the lawsuit was filed under the federal False Claims Act that allows private citizens to file suit on behalf of the government and then share the financial settlement.  The former sales representatives are hoping to receive 24 percent of the settlement ($5.2 million).

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