Lawsuit Against Apple for Misrepresenting Storage

Lawsuit Against Apple for Misrepresenting Storage

Does the Apple iPhone iOS 8 upgrade use too much of your storage? 

Recently, a complaint  was filed by two iPhone users that alleges the upgrade to the iOS 8 operating system takes away up to 23.1 percent of their storage capacity.  The complaint filed in California federal court pursues a class action lawsuit for failing to inform the user that installing the iOS 8 would take up the undesirable storage space.

According to the TIME article, the plaintiffs allege Apple uses so much storage space in order to sell upgrades such as iCloud to accommodate for storage lost from the operating system.

“Apple exploits the discrepancy between represented and available capacity for its own gain by offering to sell, and by selling, cloud storage capacity to purchasers whose internal storage capacity is at or near exhaustion,” the complaint says, according to CNN.

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