Did Pfizer Withhold Information on the Risks of Lipitor?

As of early October, over 2,000 product liability lawsuits were filed against Pfizer, the drug manufacturer of Lipitor. Many of these suits allege the company withheld information on the risk of Lipitor causing Type 2 diabetes in people taking the drug.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ordered Pfizer to list the risk of diabetes as one of the side effects of Lipitor. However, the drug has been on the market since 1996, and the government just ordered the change in 2012. Many people have taken this drug before the labeling change was made.

Plaintiffs allege Pfizer knew or should have known the dangers of developing diabetes from taking Lipitor. Had Pfizer properly labeled all of the possible side effects of this drug, many people may not be suffering from the disease because they could have chosen a different statin or better monitored for the signs of diabetes.

Why Is Pfizer Attempting to Dismiss Lawsuits Filed Against It From Women in Texas?

Pfizer is trying to dismiss many Lipitor cases. In fact, in early October, it filed a motion to have cases dismissed from victims residing in Texas. The drug company argues that these people cannot file a lawsuit against it, because their state does not allow it. Pfizer argues that since the FDA approved Lipitor, it cannot be held accountable for failing to list all of the side effects.

The law firm of Zoll & Kranz, LLC has joined hundreds of others firms across the nation in fighting Pfizer on this so people in Texas can receive the same protections as people in 49 other states.

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