Stryker Hip Implant Settlement: Can I Receive Compensation?

A lawsuit alleging personal injuries after implantation of a Stryker hip that was filed in California Superior Court, has been moved to U.S. District Court, Eastern District of California.

According to her lawsuit, Mary Hazelwood alleges that the hip replacement device failed prematurely and that the components loosened in her body, causing her “great pain.”  The lawsuit also claims that the company failed to warn consumers about device failures.  The plaintiff argues that her injuries are so serious that they will leave her permanently disabled and that Stryker sold her a defective hip replacement.

The plaintiff said she had surgery performed on her hip in 2009, when surgeons gave her Stryker components including a Trident PSL Cluster acetabular shell, a Trident polyethylene insert and a Stryker Impl stem.

Our law firm specializes in assisting clients injured by Stryker hip implant side effects, as well as other defective medical devices and dangerous drugs. Many patients who have received Stryker hip products are facing personal injuries as the product can fail prematurely, corrode or shred into metal fragments, which can lead to metallosis (metal poisoning).

If you have been injured by a defective hip implant, contact our MDL lawyers by calling (888)841-9623. We fight businesses that look out for their own profits while ignoring the safety of consumers.

ZKB’s ‘Did You Know?’: Symptoms of metallosis can include pain at the site of an implant, pseudotumors and noticeable rashes.

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