The Difference Between MDL and Class Action Lawsuits

Mass Tort and Class Action Lawyers Handle Nationwide Defective Drug and Medical Device Lawsuits

Based in Toledo OH but practicing nationwide, the mass tort and class action lawyers of Zoll & Kranz, LLC help individuals hurt or families of victims killed by dangerous drugs, consumer products and defective medical devices. Our multidistrict litigation lawyers can pursue compensation for victims who have sustained a medical injury using several proven legal methods. The most common type of legal action our mass tort attorneys handle are lawsuits that have been consolidated into multidistrict litigation (MDL).

We have earned national recognition as being among the first law firms to file many well-known defective medical device bad drug lawsuits, as well as for our work consolidating existing MDL for thousands of drug injury claims and succesfully transferring this litigation to the Northern District of Ohio in Toledo.

Learning about your legal rights is essential if you have sustained a personal injury because of a dangerous drug or defective product. Contact our mass tort lawyers today at (888) 841-9623 for information regarding your eligibility to join a class action lawsuit or enter an ongoing MDL.

How are Class Action Lawsuits and MDL Similar?

When a single individual is hurt by a recalled drug or defective medical device, it is not uncommon for many other individuals to experience similar injuries. If these victims decide to file suit against one or more negligent manufacturers, it is at that time when a class action lawsuit or MDL may be established by the court.

To emphasize what characteristics a class action lawsuit and MDL do not share, it is useful to know what they have in common. In both a class action lawsuit and MDL:

  • Plaintiffs are able to consolidate “discovery” (the collecting of evidence from defendants) and resources
  • Have common legal representation, or appoint primary class representatives
  • Consolidate or centralize all claims into a common group, so that the court may process the cases more efficiently

What are the Differences Between MDL and Class Action Lawsuits?

It is important to understand the differences between a class action lawsuit and MDL. These small distinctions could potentially impact the amount you may be able to recover for damages. For example, in a class action lawsuit:

  • All claims go to trial in a single court hearing
  • Any judgment or settlement will go into a fund to be divided amongst the class

However, in multidistrict litigation:

  • Individual claims remain separate lawsuits
  • Any financial compensation awarded is dependent upon the injuries claimed by the individual, which allows for different recovery amounts

Our class action lawyers have helped nationwide victims harmed by dangerous drugs and defective medical devices across the United States claim multimillion-dollar settlements. Contact our mass tort lawyers to learn if you are able to join or start a class action lawsuit or MDL today. You may also reach our Ohio multidistrict litigation law firm for free legal advice if you have additional questions regarding class action cases or the MDL process.

MDL and Class Action Lawyers Gaining Successful Device and Drug Injury Settlements Nationwide

The mass tort attorneys at the Ohio law firm of Zoll & Kranz, LLC continue to fight for victims of drug recalls and defective medical devices nationwide. To date, we have won victims millions of dollars in multidistrict litigation lawsuits for medical injury caused by dangerous Yaz birth control side effects and contaminated Heparin.

It is often difficult to know which method is right for your claim. Do not hesitate to contact our mass tort lawyers to learn more about your legal options. If the medical or consumer product that is responsible for your injuries is not mentioned on our site, you may still be able to file a claim. Call (888) 841-9623 or fill out a free case evaluation form today, and our experienced MDL and class action lawyers will reach out to you as soon as possible.