Hospira Inc. Announces Lot Recall After Hair Found in IV Solution

Hospira Inc. announced the recall this month of an amino acid IV solution used as a nutritional treatment after a patient found a human hair in the product.

According to a Law360 report, the hair could have caused inflammation or an allergic response to the patient. Hospira issued a voluntary recall following the discovery for one of its Aminosyn II injections, which is used on patient who cannot consume food with nitrogen.

“This recall is being conducted as a precautionary measure,” Hospira said in a statement. “The root cause has not been determined and is under investigation.”

The lot was distributed to hospitals and pharmacies nationwide between March and August. The company said it was unlikely that the hair would break into smaller pieces and enter a patient intravenously, but said that if it did, it could cause inflammation, phlebitis, low-level allergic response or occlude small capillaries.

“Patients with pre-existing condition of trauma or other medical condition that adversely affects the microvascular blood supply are at increased risk,” the company said.

It should be noted that in March, an inspection of Hospira’s Rocky Mount, N.C. plant by the US Food and Drug Administration found 20 violations, three of which were repeat violations from a previous inspection. In 2011, the FDA found that the company had unsatisfactory purity safeguards for many injectable drugs and inadequate record keeping. In 2010, Hospira received a FDA warning letter detailing issues in its plants.

Just because a drug manufacturer says a person has not been injured due to a recalled product does not mean that it could not occur. Drug manufacturers should be held liable if their products injure or kill people. Through a lawsuit, victims and family members can seek compensation for injuries, as well as lost future wages, lost income and pain and suffering.

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