Implanon Lawsuit- May become lost, migrated and can't be removed

Implanon Lawsuit

Implanon is alleged to migrate and become lost. Zoll & Kranz is investigating potential claims.

What is Implanon?

Implanon is a form of birth control (implant) that is put into the arm. The Implanon releases a hormone to prevent pregnancy.

Implanon Lost After Migration

Implanon, however, may migrate and become lost. Generally, the removal process is 5 minutes. However, in some cases the implant cannot be found all together. Failure to remove the implant may result in continued effects of etonegestel, such as compromised fertility, extopic pregnany, or persistence or occurent of a drug-related adverse event and cannot be removed.

Implanon compared to Nexplanon

Implanon was first approved by the FDA in the U.S. in 2006 and was only on the market for 3 years. Implanon is no longer used or marketed in the United States. Instead of using Implanon the manufacture, Merck & Co. released Nexplanon. Nexplanon has barium in the rod so the location can be found via X-ray, CT-scan, ultrasound, or MRI. The original Implanon did not use barium, increasing the risk of a lost implant.

Is your implant lost?

This can be a very scary situation and frustrating to say the least, you may have a claim for a Implanon Lawsuit. Attorneys at Zoll & Kranz, LLC have over 50 years of combined legal experience. This allows them to take a look at your potential product liability case and provide the insight that you may be looking for. As always, if there is a medical emergency you should consult your physician. The Implanon Lawsuit team at Zoll & Kranz is available for your questions and we provide complimentary case evaluations. They can be reached through this website or by phone at our toll-free number, 888-841-9623.