Tylenol and Liver Failure

MDL and Defective Drug Lawyers Explain the Connection

Photo of acetaminophenAcetaminophen, the active ingredient in the over-the-counter pain reliever Tylenol as well as hundreds of other medications, is a leading cause of acute liver failure in the United States. Acetaminophen is also one of the most popular and commonly used painkillers on the drug market today. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued several Tylenol warnings that prompted the recalls of numerous medication lots, for such reasons as manufacturing issues to inadequate quality control.

It is important to seek legal representation if you or a loved one used Tylenol and suffered from liver damage, liver failure or died and believe an overdose of acetaminophen to be the cause. If you are unsure as to whether Tylenol side effects caused your serious injuries, our Tylenol attorneys are able to review your case and help determine if you are a victim of this negligence.

Tylenol and Liver Failure Resources

The law firm of Zoll & Kranz, LLC believes that all individuals hurt by dangerous drugs or defective medical devices have the right to legal information that may aid in their pursuit of claims. Claims may include financial compensation for ongoing medical expenses and more. Our firm provides the following information that may be useful to you about concerns surrounding Tylenol and acetaminophen:

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Depending on the laws of your state, your claim regarding Tylenol liver damage may be subject to certain time limits in which you must file a claim. Our experienced Tylenol attorneys are knowledgeable regarding these deadlines, and can advise you of your options in seeking damages. We are confident in our ability to bring beneficial results if we determine your claim warrants legal representation.

Consumers deserve to take legal action against negligent manufacturers that look out for their profit, and not your safety. Our Tylenol lawyers are committed to preserving the rights of individuals hurt by unintentional acetaminophen overdoses that occurred through no fault of your own. Even if you only took the daily-recommended dose of Tylenol, a connection between your liver damage or failure could and manufacturer negligence may still exist. Talk with our firm at 888-841-9623 today about receiving a complimentary case review as well as more information regarding the dangers of Tylenol.