Tylenol Manufacturer Liability

MDL Attorneys Review the Link to Liver Failure

Photo of acetaminophen
Companies that make goods for consumers, such as medical devices or medication, must adhere to standards that ensure their products are safe and will not harm your health. It is unfortunate, but oftentimes drug manufacturers will disregard your safety by continuing to sell dangerous products because it makes them money. Negligent drug makers may be liable for damages such as personal injuries or wrongful death sustained while using their products if a court of law finds that the company was aware of these risks, but chose not to address them.

McNeil Consumer Healthcare, the manufacturer of Tylenol products, as well as McNeil’s parent company Johnson & Johnson are some of the defendants included in recently established Multi-District Litigation (MDL). This MDL is concerned with their failure in providing adequate warning to consumers about the risk of liver injuries from acetaminophen usage. Dozens of lawsuits resulting from serious Tylenol side effects are already within the federal court system. However, in the coming months and years, our firm expects the number of Tylenol lawsuits to increase significantly in size.

History of Tylenol Recalls for Safety

It seems that McNeil Consumer Healthcare and their Tylenol products are continually in the center of media attention due to the frequent need to recall these dangerous drugs. Recent recalls of Tylenol products originate from selling damaged products, problems with manufacturing as well as other serious issues. Some of these Tylenol warnings include the:

  • 2010 recalls of mass amounts of medication containing manufacturing residue such as metal specks, a recall of medication contaminated with the chemical 2,4,6-tribromoanisole as well as a recall of infant Tylenol drugs containing as much as 24 percent more acetaminophen than originally formulated
  • 2011 recall of approximately 60,000 bottles of eight-hour extended release Tylenol caplets that smelled “moldy” because of the 2,4,6-tribromoanisole chemical compound, causing several consumers abdominal distress
  • 2012 recall of more than half a million bottles of children’s Tylenol in which parents had problems administering medication, resulting in accidental ingestion

The above recalls are only some of the reasons as to why consumers may no longer find Tylenol in every drugstore. The popular pharmacy CVS as well as retailers across the country are now limiting how much Tylenol and other Johnson & Johnson products they put on their shelves. This move by CVS and similar stores could be a direct reflection of the quality control issues the negligent manufacturers have faced over the last few years.

Your Injuries May Entitle You to Join a Tylenol Lawsuit

It is important to seek legal counsel and advice if you or someone you love sustained Tylenol liver failure. Our class action attorneys and Tylenol lawyers are here to advise you of your legal options in moving forward. We offer a free case review in order to determine your eligibility to enter a Tylenol lawsuit or MDL. Call 888-841-9623 today to learn more about your legal rights, and how the law firm of Zoll & Kranz, LLC may be able to assist you.