Ontario Court OK’s Champix Class Action Suit

Pfizer Canada will have to defend their anti-smoking drug Champix in a class action lawsuit, according to a judge’s recent decision. Claimants say that Champix (known as Chantix in the US) causes psychological side effects like suicidal tendencies, depression and anxiety.

When the Ontario Superior Court certified the class action over a year ago, Pfizer Canada appealed the decision. It claims that there is no scientific evidence indicating that Chantix is a dangerous drug. People who took Chantix between 2007 and 2010 are eligible to seek damages in the class action lawsuit.

Chantix Side Effect Warnings

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) first issued a warning in 2011 about possible cardiovascular risks associated with taking Chantix. The FDA then ordered a study that compared health effects of those using a placebo versus those using Chantix. The study found an increased number of health events (heart attack, stroke, cardiovascular-related deaths) occurring in the Chantix group than the placebo group.

“…[The data] consistently showed a  higher occurrence of events in patients using Chantix, which makes it seem more likely that it is related to the drug and not purely a chance finding,” the FDA website says.

With reported connections to depression, suicide, mood swings, stroke and heart conditions, we strongly urge caution to those considering using Chantix/Champix to cure a smoking addition.

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