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Class action attorneys for antitrust violations of fix prices, rig bidding and business fraudIf you have reason to believe a company is employing illegal business practices, the Toledo, Ohio, based MDL and class action lawyers of Zoll & Kranz, LLC would like to help seek justice on behalf of the consumers affected. Free and open competition benefits consumers by encouraging companies to lower their prices, as well as provide better and more innovative products and services.

However, sometimes companies become greedy in their pursuit of profit, and instead of helping, take advantage of the consumer. If you are aware of companies that are scheming to extort more money from innocent consumers, the nationally serving commercial litigation law firm of Zoll & Kranz, LLC, may be able to help.

What Do Antitrust Laws Protect Against?

Federal and state antitrust laws protect consumer rights and promote competition in the marketplace. Occasionally, competitors within the same market conspire to work with each other to gain more profit at the expense of the individual buyer. This occurs when companies:

  • Fix prices
  • Rig bids
  • Commit fraud
  • Divide businesses

When antitrust laws are violated, consumers lose the benefits of competition and prices become artificially high. This inflation costs individuals billions of dollars each year in illegal and excessive overcharges. If you have reason to suspect, or know of a business that has committed an antitrust violation, contact our class action attorneys for free legal advice on how to move forward with the commercial litigation process.

How Our MDL and Commercial Litigation Class Action Accident Assert Consumer Rights Nationwide

The Toledo defective product MDL and class action law firm of Zoll & Kranz, LLC was involved in the following antitrust and complex commercial litigation cases, which received national recognition:

  • In re: Text Messaging
  • In re: Lawnmowers
  • In re: Netflix
  • In re: Compressors

Toledo MDL and Class Action Attorneys Fight Antitrust Violations

To learn more about these and other ongoing actions against illegal business practices, contact our class action attorneys by calling (888) 841-9623 or use our online case review form to submit your claim or concerns to our firm. To stay informed regarding our current areas of focus, please visit our frequently updated commercial litigation blog. Zoll & Kranz, LLC is a civil litigation law firm located in Toledo, Ohio, and accepts cases on both a local and national level.