Specialty Compounding, LLC Issues Voluntarily Recall

Specialty Compounding, LLC, a subsidiary of Peoples Pharmacy Inc., issued a voluntary recall of all lots of defective sterile medications within expiry.

The recall came after reports of bacterial infection affecting 15 patients at two Texas hospitals, whose treatment included IV infusions of calcium gluconate from Specialty Compounding. At this time, there is a potential association between the infections and the medication.

If the products had been contaminated when they were meant to be sterile, patients run the risk of serious infections that could result in loss of life.

The recalled products were distributed directly to Texas hospitals and physicians. They were also delivered directly to patients nationwide with the exception of North Carolina. It applies to all products distributed since May 9, including all dosage and strengths.

“Because of the potential association between the hospital-based infections and sterile compounded medications produced by Specialty Compounding, we are voluntarily recalling all sterile products out of an abundance of caution,” said Ray Solano, a pharmacist in charge at Specialty Compounding. “We deeply regret the impact this recall has on our patients and the hospitals that we serve, but patient safety must always be our first concern.”

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