Two Deaths in Michigan Linked to Tainted Steroid Injections

Two Michigan residents died recently in connection with the fungal meningitis outbreak that began last year and has affected 750 people nationwide.

Both victims were residents of Livingston County and died after receiving tainted steroid injections. State officials confirmed on July 22 that the deaths were indeed linked to the outbreak.

In May of 2012, the Massachusetts-based New England Compounding Center shipped 17,000 vials of contaminated steroids to facilities in 23 states. Steroids shots are usually the treatment for back pain.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 61 people have dies nationwide from the outbreak. That number has now risen to 63, including these Michigan deaths.

“The majority of the things we’re seeing are not new cases but people who have experienced complications due to their shots and infection, and subsequently passing away from that,” said Angela Minicuci, public information officer for the Michigan Department of Community Health.

In Michigan alone, at least 1,791 people have received the tainted steroid shots according to state officials. The toxic shots have led to meningitis, spinal infections, joint infections and strokes.

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