Wyoming Man Sues Pharmacy After He is Given Sleep-Inducing Medication By Mistake

According to the Powell Tribune, a Wyoming man is suing a pharmacy after it allegedly erroneously filled an order for a drug he was taking to ward off sleep with a sleep-inducing medication.

The Tribune reports that Ronald Franks, 61, alleges that a Powell pharmacy botched his medication and caused him to get into a car accident, leading to his arrest for driving while under the influence of a controlled substance.

A pharmacist told police that he gave Franks sleeping medication intended for another customer. “There was (an) accidental confusion of names that resulted in a different prescription being dispensed to Mr. Franks, although the prescription name and directions/warnings were correctly identified on the container,” Rogers’ attorney told the Tribune.

Criminal charges were dropped after it was discovered that there was an error with Franks’ medication. In his lawsuit, Franks is seeking compensation for damages relating to his car accident, among other expenses.

Pharmacy misfills or errors can result in serious accidents, brain damage, heart attacks, organ failure, allergic reactions, hallucinations and psychotic episodes, drowsiness and death. Pharmacies have a duty to provide you with accurate medications and dosages.

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