Who We Are – Gaining Results in Lawsuits Against Pharmaceutical Companies Since 1988

MDL Lawyers and Class Action Attorneys Helping Personal Injury Victims

Zoll & Kranz, LLC is a closely knit integrated drug injury firm, with four litigation attorneys and nine full-time support staff members. David W. Zoll, Michelle L. Kranz, and Cara B. Wall are the firm partners with extensive national pharmaceutical product liability experience. Our associate attorney is Blake L. Weiman and our Of Counsel is Donato J. Borrillo, M.D., M.S., J.D.

Our support staff members include Christy M. Reaster, Angela L. Stoldt, Sheila J. Stevens, Corry M. Baker, Malcolm A. Bello, and Kelly White. . Together, our team provides a focused and results-oriented approach to product liability litigation.

MDL Lawyers Dedicated to Victims of Dangerous Drugs and Personal Injury

Each staff member is dedicated to providing the highest standard of representation possible. To ensure this, we have developed a firm philosophy. One of our guiding principles is to provide each client with a comfortable and trust-driven relationship, and to ensure that each case is managed in the most efficient manner possible.

Since our inception, Zoll & Kranz has dedicated itself to furthering our profession by utilizing every tool available. We have fully automated our office, use leading-edge software and technology. Our litigation attorneys maintain an active presence on the Internet as we have for more than ten years, and we continue to upgrade and explore new alternatives in the practice of law.

How Can Our Product Liability Lawyers Help You?

We put all of our efforts into efficiently managing each client’s case with our expertise, cutting-edge technology and an innovative approach to team representation. Zoll & Kranz accomplishes its mission through the dedication, excellence and integrity of our team.

Contact our class action attorneys and MDL lawyers to learn more about our drug injury firm if a defective medical product, bad or recalled drug has caused personal injury or the fatal injury of someone you love. Get advice during a free attorney consultation today.