Has Your Implanon Device Become Lost? Contact Our Lawyers Immediately

Has Your Implanon Device Become Lost? Contact Our Lawyers Immediately

According to Medscape, American Health Packaging (AHP) has initiated a voluntary nationwide recall of one lot of ibuprofen tablets and one lot of oxcarbazepine tablets because of mislabeling.

The recall was announced through a press release on the US Food and Drug Administration web site. The products were reportedly distributed nationwide beginning June 20, 2014 and intended for hospital usage.

The recall included the ibuprofen tablets in Lot #142588, which according to Medscape, may contain individual blistered doses mistakenly labeled as oxcarbazepine tablets. The packages involved in the recall contain the National Drug Code (NDC) 68084-703-01 and individual dose NDC 68084-703-11.

“Failure to receive the proper dose of oxcarbazepine could increase the chances of having a seizure. Inadvertent consumption of ibuprofen may cause adverse reactions in a number of patients in which use of ibuprofen is contraindicated,” the press release said.

Oxcarbazepine is used to treat epilepsy and is a mood-stabilizing drug. The FDA press release can be viewed by clicking here.

What Can I Do If a Recalled Drug Injures Me?

Recalls over label issues are especially troubling. Our attorneys are dedicated to making sure companies produce safer products. We rely upon over 70 years of combined experience in pharmaceutical mass torts and multidistrict litigation to accomplish this goal.

If you or a loved one is ever injured by a defective drug, contact us so that we may investigate your case. We have considerable experience in pharmaceutical, medical device and defective product litigation, including filing product liability lawsuits on behalf of victims.

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Source: your Implanon contraceptive device become lost in your skin?


This is a scary thought—if you believe that your Implanon implant has become lost, you should consult with your physician. The failure to find the device could result in compromised fertility, ectopic pregnancy, or persistence skin irritations.

If your device cannot be found, aside from the consequences to your health, it could end up costing you money, as your doctor may have to locate it by ordering an X-ray, CT-scan, ultrasound, or MRI.

Implanons was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2006 and sold to the public for three years. The devices were gradually replaced by the contraceptive implant Nexplanon after reports of complications worldwide.

For many women, reports of lost implants are extremely stressful, as they are now having complications having children. Initially, the removal of the device was thought to take minutes; however, if one is not found in a victim, conceiving a child may become difficult until the hormonal products have fully left the body. This can take years.

How Do I Contact ZK About Implanon?

Our attorneys are currently investigating reports of Implanon devices migrating in women. We are here to assist people suffering because of removal issues.

The team at ZK is available for your questions, providing complimentary, no-charge case evaluations. You can reach us through this website or by phone at our toll-free number, (888) 841-9623.

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