What factors will an attorney consider when reviewing my case?

As described by the mission statement at Zoll & Kranz, LLC, we believe that “One of the greatest human needs is to be appreciated and understood. To accomplish that one must first listen, then take action based on what you have heard.” This is how we treat each and every case review at our firm.

These evaluations also involve gaining an understanding and assessing the relevant facts and history from a potential client. Based on this information, a dangerous drug attorney may or may not be able to give an opinion as to whether the facts of the case state a claim and other legal issues, such as:

  • If the claim is financially justifiable
  • The degree of risk associated with the claim
  • The claim’s likelihood of recovery

At Zoll & Kranz, we will keep you updated on all stages of the case review process. Our firm will also provide you with names of other professionals who may be able to help you in the event that we cannot take your case.