Why Should I Contact the Attorneys at Zoll & Kranz?

Has a prescription drug or a medical device injured you?

Our attorneys work tirelessly for clients by providing them with expert representation and an innovative approach to litigation. Of our four attorneys, David W. Zoll, Michelle L. Kranz,  Cara B. Wall and James G. O’Brien

Our clients trust us with their cases, which are often heartbreaking and complex.

Our lawyers focus on mass tort lawsuits and Multi-District Litigation (MDL) involving defective medical drugs and devicesserious personal injury and wrongful death, and antitrust and complex commercial litigation.

How Can I Speak to an Attorney at Zoll & Kranz, LLC?

Our law firm is located in Toledo, Ohio, but we serve clients nationwide. Many of our cases involve litigation taking place at various courts throughout the U.S.

For more information, you can call (888)841-9623 Our office fax number is (419)841-9719.

Our office is located at 6620 West Central Avenue, Suite 100, Toledo, Ohio 43617. If you live in the Toledo area, you can also reach us at (419)841-9719

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