The Senate and Victims of the Power Morcellator Are Waiting for Answers

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand would like to discuss power morcellation with the head of the Food and Drug Administration.  Sen. Gillibrand received a letter from the FDA explaining that they have yet to decide what to do about power morcellation.

Thomas A. Kraus, the associate commissioner for legislation states on behalf of the FDA that the agency is still in the process of analyzing and reviewing the scientific data.

Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Charles Schumer actually wrote a letter to the FDA this past August after hearing from a New York police officer, Jim Leary. His wife, Barbara, died in September. She was diagnosed with uterine cancer in early 2009 after a doctor at Rochester General Hospital used a morcellator to remove what looked like a benign fibroid, according to the patient’s records.  The Senators believe the FDA should have the manufactures voluntarily pull the device off the market until decisions are made (Johnson & Johnson did this in August).

As defective device morcellator lawyers, Zoll & Kranz, LLC (ZK), is investigating these types of reports and you can read more about the device on our website or contact us toll-free at (888)841-9623.  The power morcellation procedure is  when a high-speed device minces tissue such at a fibroid or uterus so it’s easy to remove through small incisions of minimally invasive gynecologic surgery.  The device has the risk of spreading undetected cancer during the surgery and when the cancer cells are found in the abdominal cavity from the tissue spreading it has been reported to at an advanced stage.

ZK will continue to follow these stories and cases that involve the power morcellator and the victims that now suffer from cancer due to the dangerous device.