Are You Suffering Because of Stryker Spinal Implants?

Stryker Spine is the manufacturer of two defective spinal implants: CerviCore and FlexiCore. Zoll & Kranz, LLC has filed a lawsuit on behalf of 14 victims who have sustained injuries from CerviCore implants. And, the firm is investigating numerous additional complaints of injury from both CerviCore and FlexiCore devices.

Stryker Spine is also known as Howmedica Osteonics Corporation.

What is the Difference Between CerviCore and FlexiCore?

Both CerviCore and FlexiCore were spinal prostheses designed by a firm Stryker bought. The products were intended as artificial replacements for patients who suffered from spinal disc degeneration. Each prosthesis is made up of two articulating metal plates: one plate connects to the bone above the disk and the other to the bone below the disc. The metal plates then move against each other to give the patient greater range of motion.

Although CerviCore and FlexiCore were both designed to correct damaged spinal discs, their design and size varies somewhat. CerviCore is designed to be implanted between two vertebrates in the neck region (the cervical spine). FlexiCore is designed to be implanted in the lower back area of the spine (the lumbar spine).

Both devices promised to offer patients more mobility than if they underwent spinal fusion surgery.

Are CerviCore and FlexiCore on the Market?

CerviCore and FlexiCore were never on the market. In 2006, Stryker Spine conducted a human trial study on 400 patients, 200 of whom received CerviCore implants. During that period, the manufacturer ran a separate but similar study on FlexiCore involving a similar number of patients.

Both studies failed and left numerous people injured. Stryker Spine said it abandoned the two studies because it realized the two products were not viable.

CerviCore and FlexiCore victims allege the manufacturer agreed to monitor the health of patients with the implanted devices, but they say the company did not monitor them once it stopped conducting the studies and decided to abandon the products.

Moreover, Plaintiffs say the company has refused to provide them with continuous care. Sadly, both devices have caused a variety of complications and injuries for patients. In fact, most of the patients have symptoms of blood poisoning from metal, which may be caused by the two plates grinding against each other and releasing metal ions into patients’ blood and tissue. Many people have grown very ill.

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